6 Things you can donate with your mobile phone to fight poverty

6 Things you can donate with your mobile phone to fight poverty


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The best part is that none of these things are money.

1. Your workout

Run, walk, or bike and earn money to donate to charity. Charity Miles, a free app, will sponsor your miles, 25 cents for walking or running and 10 cents for biking. Then, you can cash in the pledge and donate to the charity of your choice. Some of their partners include (RED), Habitat for Humanity, Achilles International, the World Food Programme, and more. But hurry, their initial sponsorship pool ends at $1,000,000.

2. A photo

A picture can be worth a thousand words, but with the Donate a Photo app, Johnson & Johnson will give $1 dollar towards charity for every photo you upload. The best part? There are countless of organizations to choose from (including Water.org, Girl Up), [email protected]) and you can donate up to one picture a day. Now, that’s a #pictureoftheday worth sharing!

3. Your eyes (not literally)

What’s better than the game that went viral, Flappy Bird? Malaria Hunter! This mobile game is more than just incredibly fun and addictive—you’re actually impacting the lives of 1 billion! How? As you race against time zapping bugs, you’re actually identifying parasites in real blood images that are part of rapid diagnosis crowdsourcing data. As the creators say, “This isn’t just a game…this is life.”

4. Your gaming skills

If you’re hooked on games, then you’ll love Get Water!, a story-driven game developed by Decode Global. They’ve partnered up with Charity: Water to narrate the life of Maya, (based on real girls). In the game, you must race to get water before risking to missing school. The cost of the app is $1.99 and a portion goes to provide access to clean water to girls in India.

5. Your attention

What if I told you that for every minute you don’t use your phone, a child could receive access to clean water? Just open UNICEF Tap Project and start donating!

6. A selfie

ONE’s Facebook app makes it simple to send a free postcard to your member of Congress, telling him/her to protect life-saving programs in the US budget. Add your favorite picture, write a personal message and ONE will cover the postage.

Which app interests you the most? Tell us in a comment below.


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