Georgia Regents University wins ONE Campus’ ‘Protest to Progress’ challenge

Georgia Regents University wins ONE Campus’ ‘Protest to Progress’ challenge


Join the fight against extreme poverty

ONE Campus’ 2nd Challenge of the semester: “Protest to Progress” came to a close last night, capping off four weeks of student protest against the injustice of extreme poverty where the message was crystal clear: actions really do speak louder. 

Here at ONE, we know that college-age students have been at the forefront of social movements throughout history. The fight against extreme poverty is no exception. Over the last few weeks, ONE Campus students from Boston to Los Angeles have rallied to focus public attention on the atrocity of poverty and injustice by showcasing the film “Protest to Progress.” They’ve also taken action to show their elected leaders that this generation will not sit back in silence while poverty cripples billions in the developing world.

In just four weeks, our ONE chapters publically screened the film “Protest to Progress” more than 40 times, wrote 586 handwritten letters to Congress, delivered more than 1,600 photos petitions, and sent 542 tweets in support of poverty-fighting programs to their elected leaders. Wow.

Congratulations to all our participating ONE chapters, and a special shout-out to our top three schools taking home the top spots for standing above the rest in the protest of our time.

First Place: Georgia Regents University

ONE at Georgia Regents University knocked this challenge out of the park by hosting their U.S. Representative, Congressman John Barrow on campus in an event to discuss the power of young people in social movements as part of their “Protest to Progress” film screening. Their team kept up the momentum by hitting classrooms to educate their peers on the progress and opportunity in the fight against poverty, and generated more than 250 advocacy actions in support of smart development programs.  Way to go Jaguars!

Georgia Regents University OCC Member Kaylee Key engages different classrooms on campus, educating her fellow peers about the importance of lifesaving development programs and inviting them to GRU’s next ONE Chapter meeting.

Second Place: The Citadel

Coming in second for this challenge is The Citadel, who put the power of protest in the face of their campus by screening “Protest to Progress” several times their quad while generating dozens of calls from cadets to their Senators and Representatives. And they didn’t stop there. Check out our favorite shot from their photo campaign in front of the Apache Helicopter on campus. In their photos they displayed posters which were full of statistics and ways for other students to get more information.

Third Place: University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Closing out the top three for Challenge 2 is University of Nebraska, Lincoln who hosted a large screening of the “Protest to Progress” film, plastered their campus with flyers about the power of young people in creating change, and even made a ONE commercial for their campus movie channel. At their film screening they got participants to interact on social media, sign the Electrify Africa petition, and write letters to their Congressmen.

Congratulations and thank you to our Challenge #2 winners and to all our ONE Campus Chapters who protested for progress with us. Click here for more our favorite pictures from this challenge.

Challenge #3:

The Power Project starts today. Bring your bright ideas with you, and take the challenge to help light up the future for millions:


Join the fight against extreme poverty

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