Honesty Oscars 2014: Best Picture

Honesty Oscars 2014: Best Picture


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This week before the Academy Awards, February 24 to 28, ONE and Accountability Lab will unveil a category for our Honesty Oscars 2014, an award that honors not Hollywood films, but the creative work of activists and organizations that fight global corruption. Vote for your favorites, and we’ll announce the winners on Oscar night, Sunday, March 2. 

Today, we unveil the final category in ONE and Accountability Lab’s Honesty Oscars (see previous categories here; voting is open until March 2): Best Picture. It wouldn’t be an “Oscars” without this category! Like the Academy Awards, “Best Picture” honors all efforts in putting together the film, including writing, editing, directing and execution.

The following nominees use tools like the Accountability Film School project, which empowers Liberians to create films that illuminate and solve problems like corruption, graft and a lack of confidence in the public sector. Scroll through the five nominees, then vote for your favorite in the form below. Voting for this category closes Sunday, March 2, 6PM ET. 

Category #5: Best Picture

1. Money Laundering

By Global Financial Integrity

This cheeky film splices together your favorite films to explain money laundering in an easy and accessible way, and illustrates why its important we end the Phantom Firms that can enable it.

2. Et da munneh. (Ate the Money)

From Uganda

We wish we knew who was behind this great animated film about anti-corruption and the importance of transparency when it comes to the revenues Uganda receives for its natural resources.

3. What Exactly is Big Oil Hiding?

By Oxfam

The shady feel of this Oxfam film mirrors the shady dealings of those who are resisting the implementation of US legislation that would make public the payments oil companies make to countries for their natural resources.

4. Open Development

By Open for Change

Open for Change does a great job in this film explaining the scope and importance of the global Open Development movement.

5. Anti-Corruption Video

By USAID in Sri Lanka

This short film from USAID in Sri Lanka shows how important it is to break the cycle of corruption.

Voting for this category is now closed.

Did we forget your favorite? Add it in the comments below! 

Thank you for voting in the 2014 Honesty Oscars! Be sure to check back for winners on March 2nd. Hear the winners announced first on Twitter @ONECampaign & @AccountLab. #HonestyOscars

About the Accountability Lab: We are an independent, project-driven “for purpose” organization that engages civil society to develop unique innovations that help hold governments accountable. The Lab currently works with citizens in Liberia and Nepal, but is inspired by the creative efforts of people and organizations around the world in the quest to share information that helps create more accountable societies. 


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