Honesty Oscars 2014: Best Visual Effects

Honesty Oscars 2014: Best Visual Effects


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This week before the Academy Awards, February 24 to 28, ONE and Accountability Lab will unveil a category for our Honesty Oscars 2014, an award that honors not Hollywood films, but the creative work of activists and organizations that fight global corruption. Vote for your favorites, and we’ll announce the winners on Oscar night, Sunday, March 2. 

Today, we unveil the first category in ONE and Accountability Lab’s Honesty Oscars: Best Visual Effects. Like the Academy Awards, this category honors animation and special effects – but for our purposes, we have chosen five infographics that best communicate global transparency and corruption statistics through graphic design, interactivity and data journalism. Scroll through the five nominees, then vote for your favorite in the form below. Voting for this category closes Sunday, March 2, 6PM ET. 

Category 1: Best Visual Effects

1. Corruption Perceptions Index
Transparency International

Transparency International’s CPI has been ranking countries by the perceived levels of corruption since 1995, but has recently excelled at making its data beautiful and interactive. Click through to get the full experience.

2. Illicit Financial Flows Heatmap
Global Financial Integrity

The cross-border flow of money that is illegally earned, transferred, or used is illustrated in this interactive heatmap. Click through to get the full experience.

3. US Bank Control Chain Map
Open Corporates

Open Corporates used open data to visualize the corporate networks created by the six largest US banks, illustrating the need for corporate transparency – something ONE is campaigning for. Check out the interactive version, switch from bank to bank or isolate a country to see the webs of relationships. Click through to get the full experience.

4. Open Budget
The International Budget Partnership

This infographic visualizes the results of the last Open Budget Survey, which measures the transparency of budgets around the world. Click through to get the full experience.

5. Women’s Rights Infographic
The Guardian

This colorful interactive graphic contains data on the women’s rights protections in each region, breaking data down by country. Check out the interactive version and explore the ratings in all parts of the world. Click through to get the full experience.

Voting for this category is now closed.

Did we forget your favorite? Add it in the comments below! Come back tomorrow to check out the next set of nominees. Tomorrow’s category: Activist in a Leading Role.

About the Accountability Lab: We are an independent, project-driven “for purpose” organization that engages civil society to develop unique innovations that help hold governments accountable. The Lab currently works with citizens in Liberia and Nepal, but is inspired by the creative efforts of people and organizations around the world in the quest to share information that helps create more accountable societies. 


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