Dear Congress: Support the Electrify Africa Act

In exactly one week, ONE members from across the US will be meeting with over 200 members of Congress on Capitol Hill.

And you know what we’d love for them to say in those meetings? Thank you. Thank you for supporting the Electrify Africa Act, a bill that will bring electricity access to 50 million people in Africa.

But they can’t say thank you to your representative yet. Why? Because your representative hasn’t announced his support for the bill.

Send a tweet to your representative to join on as a co-sponsor to the Electrify Africa Act today.

Click here to tweet now.

Seven out of 10 people don’t have access to electricity in sub-Saharan Africa. Moms give birth in the dark. Families can’t refrigerate their food. Childhood vaccines can’t be kept cold. It’s time to act and help light the future for 50 million people.

Forty-five members of Congress – from both sides of the aisle – have already signed on and pledged their support for this bill. We want to make this number even bigger, because the more cosponsors we can get, the easier it will be for this bill to pass.

Tweet your representative and ask for his or her support today.