Is your jeweler sourcing conflict-free gold?

Is your jeweler sourcing conflict-free gold?


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This Valentine’s Day, I want to hear three little words: Congo. Conflict. Free.

Our friends at Raise Hope for Congo, a campaign that fights to end human rights abuses and conflict in eastern Congo, are taking a unique approach to celebrating Valentine’s Day. They’re taking action against the trade of conflict gold. And since one of the most popular gifts on Valentine’s Day is jewelry, especially gold, they want you to make sure that the gold you buy for your loved ones is conflict-free.

Gold is one of the most lucrative conflict minerals, especially in vulnerable areas like Eastern Congo. It is easy to smuggle small quantities for large profits. Armed groups use mass rape and violence to secure control of mines and strategic trading routes with the help of corrupt government officials. More than $600 million in gold is smuggled out of the Congo annually. Cleaning up the trade of conflict gold is essential to finding a lasting solution to the ongoing war and creating a peaceful and prosperous Congo.

So this Valentine’s Day, we ask you to:

1. Know the journey of conflict gold…

2. Understand Congo’s political situation:

3. Ask your jeweler if they are sourcing conflict-free gold from the Congo

We hope you can join Raise Hope for Congo this Valentine’s Day. Learn more at

Which action are you going to do? Tell us in a comment below.


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