Extra, extra! Read all about it!

Extra, extra! Read all about it!


Join the fight against Extreme Poverty

ONE members in Hawaii at a meet up last week. 

Over the past few weeks, our ONE Congressional District Leaders (CDLs) hosted more than 50 local trainings in 32 states to teach local ONE members why and how they should write letters to the editor (LTEs). Oh, and they also ate cake! 

Letters to the editor are important because they both educate the community about our issues and campaigns, and get the attention of our members of Congress. Back in my day, you had to walk uphill both ways backwards to the newsstand to pick up the local paper and read the days’ headlines. Even though most news breaks on Twitter these days, the role of newspapers shouldn’t be discounted, especially those trusty opinion pages!

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And yes, the added bonus was cake! To kick off the celebration for ONE’s 10th anniversary year, our ONE volunteers had some pretty awesome ONE-themed cakes at their events to celebrate. We will be celebrating the anniversary more throughout the 2014, but we couldn’t wait to get the party started:

ONE meet up in Nashville: Nice cake!

Celebrating with a homemade mocha cake in Arkansas 

We’ve already had four letters to the editor published, including one from Akbar Khan, an awesome teen activist from Salt Lake City, Utah, in support of our energy campaign in his local paper, the Deseret News. “Mothers would not need to give birth to children in the dark, students would have light to do their homework in, and families would be able to refrigerate their food,” he writes in his letter. “Energy accessibility is a very necessary step on a road to a sustainable Africa.”

Colton Davis of Tacoma, Wash., a longtime ONE member, writes to The News Tribune: “Seeing all the Seahawks pride throughout the streets of Seattle and Tacoma is humbling, however it makes me wish people would get as worked up about eliminating poverty.”

They rocked it and their letters are starting to get published around the country. We’ll keep an updated list of those that are published below.

It’s not too late to write your own LTE – write one here.

Published letters to the editor:

Colton Davis: POVERTY: We can improve life for African children

Kristen Johnson: Support foreign assistance

Nick Mele: Says reform needed for food aid programs

Akbar Khan: Electrify Africa

Barb Barrar: Foreign aid helps people

Jim Safford: U.S. Foreign aid money well spent

Elizabeth Voth: War on Malaria (Scroll down the page)

Gary B. Roberts, Ph.D: Two senators should block African corruption

Scoggins Berg: Americans must help treat the world’s sick

Jerri Patten: Income inequality

Dave Gilbert: Electrify Africa


Join the fight against Extreme Poverty

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