5 Canadians explain why they support foreign aid

5 Canadians explain why they support foreign aid


Join the fight against extreme poverty

Why should Canada protect its foreign aid? We ask five Canadian citizens to share their thoughts.

Bottom line? Don’t even think about not signing our petition urging Prime Minister Harper to protect our foreign aid. It does a world of good, saving lives and helping to fight extreme poverty. But don’t take it from me (I already shared my opinions here) – take it from them!

1. Ritz Clinging, Abbotsford, British Columbia 

RitzRitz, center

“My family came from extreme poverty. We survived two years in a refugee camp in Nongkai, Thailand after having escaped Laos during the political unrest in the late 70s. We know first hand the struggles of those in need. We were blessed to have been received into this amazing country and are forever grateful for the care that was offered to us by generous Canadians.

I believe every person deserves a fighting chance to not only survive but to thrive. It’s important to me as a Canadian citizen and as a global citizen to have global concerns. We need to take actions that lead to positive change and not create actions that take opportunities away. I hope they don’t cut the budget.”

Take action now. Tell PM Harper to protect Canadian foreign aid now

2. Brian Cook, Winnipeg, Manitoba (singer for Rock Band WHY)

WHYbandBrian, fourth from left.

“I believe as a Canadian that all people are equal, that everyone has value. We must stand up and be counted. We must do the ‘Canadian Thing’ and not be idle as children die due to preventable disease or simply not enough to eat. This is who we are as Canadians. We care and we act. And we are our best when we act as ONE.”

3. Jag Sambhi, Cambridge, Ontario 

“I can’t imagine living in extreme poverty because my government doesn’t let me imagine and I’m so grateful for it. As a Canadian I want to pay this feeling forward.”

4. Ryan Lukic, Calgary, Alberta


“We’ve made such amazing progress fighting extreme poverty and disease over the last 20 years and Canada has been a leader for these causes. I want to ensure we see this challenge through so that maybe my kids won’t have to live in a world where a child dies simply because they are born into poverty.”

5. Blake and Nathaniel Crossley, Fort McMurray, Alberta 

Crossleys[1]Blake and Nathaniel at an Africare project in Tanzania. 

“In 2014 not every man, woman or child across the globe has access to clean water, sanitation, education and health care. All of these elements if accessible, would help in the eradication of “extreme poverty”. While Canada is making strides it can do more in terms of leaps and bounds. We cannot let up, we must continue to fight for those who have no voice. Think Global.. Act Local.”

Why do you support Canadian foreign aid? Tell us in a comment below.


Join the fight against extreme poverty

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