Canada: Protect the aid budget!

Written in conjunction with Engineers Without Borders

With more than 2.5 billion people struggling to survive on less than $2 a day, Canada’s foreign assistance plays a critical role in saving lives and helping millions of people build a better future for themselves and their families.

But Canada’s commitment is in doubt. Last year, $370 million was cut from Canada’s aid budget, including $290 million in unspent aid money that was returned to the Treasury. This money was meant to support foreign assistance efforts and could have made an impact in the lives of millions of people living in poverty, but instead went back to government coffers.

More cuts to aid programs that fight global poverty won’t eliminate the deficit. But it will tarnish Canada’s reputation and reduce our country’s impact in ending the injustice of extreme poverty.

The Government is meeting right now to decide the fate of the aid budget – that’s why we urgently need you to raise your voice in defense of the aid budget. The petition reads:

Dear Prime Minister Harper:

As you consider your choices for the 2014 budget, please do not cut vital foreign aid funding that supports childhood vaccinations, promotes healthy newborns and mothers and helps lift millions out of poverty. The world expects Canada to lead, and so do we.

Sign the petition now

We have to protect this legacy. In just over a week, we’ll be delivering thousands of names to Prime Minister Harper, urging him not to cut this life-saving aid. The more names we deliver, the harder we’ll be to ignore.

Urge Prime Minister Harper not to cut funding for the world’s poorest people. We don’t have much time. Add your name here.