Read’s most popular stories of 2013

Read’s most popular stories of 2013


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Wow, what a year 2013 has been for and the fight against extreme poverty. You witnessed the reauthorization of the US’ key program against AIDS, PEPFAR; the launch of President Obama’s Power Africa initiative to bring reliable electricity to more than 50 million people; celebrated a major win for oil and gas transparency in the EU; and mourned the passing of our great role model Nelson Mandela.

But what stories from 2013 really got you clicking and sharing? We pulled the 10 most popular stories of the year on Scroll through and join us through a digital tour of 2013:

10. The Dark Side of Education

This short but poignant documentary strongly connects the relationship between electrification and education – without the former, the latter inevitably suffers. The haunting images of wandering school children studying under the sodium streetlights are both despairing and inspiring. The desire of these children to learn and believing that education holds the key to breaking the poverty cycle coupled with their resolve to succeed under the most challenging circumstances makes “Black Out” mandatory viewing for all children who are privileged to have power.

9. 5 Freaky Things I Learned About National Geographic’s American Blackout

Intellectually, I know that 7 out of 10 people (589 million people) in sub-Saharan Africa lack reliable energy access, which means women are giving birth in dark hospitals, vaccines aren’t being refrigerated and kids aren’t able to study at night. But National Geographic’s original film “American Blackout“ really brought that reality home to me in a visceral way this weekend.

8. Bono Hits Oil Companies at CGI for Blocking Anti-Corruption Rules

ONE’s cofounder Bono took aim at the oil industry today for trying to kill new rules that would help prevent corruption by requiring oil, gas and mining companies to make public what they pay for the rights to extract natural resources in developing countries.

7. Count down to Christmas with the ONE Advent Calendar

As we hurtled towards Christmas and 2014, we counted down our favorite moments of the year. Re-live the ones you were part of, or if you are new to ONE, see what we get up to and join us for exciting new challenges next year. Each day we’ll open a new window, so bookmark us and come back for your daily ONE fix. And make our Christmas by sharing your favorite moments on Facebook!

6. Photo Essay: Cellphone photos of daily life

Everyday Africa is a photography project that uses cellphone photos to show the world what daily life really looks like across Africa. The images go beyond what we see in standard media coverage, and you’ll notice an absence of crying children or camouflaged rebels with guns. The project, which has gotten attention from media outlets around the globe, currently works with 10 contributors, all of whom are driven by co-founder Peter DiCampo’s vision to portray a more accurate understanding of Africa.

5. Two Things to Do on World Toilet Day

November 19 is World Toilet Day, a day to raise awareness for the 2.5 billion people who lack access to a toilet (in fact, there are more people in the world who have cell phones!). Here’s two things you can do to let your followers know you care about this important issue.

4. This Global Protest Map Will Shock and Surprise You

This map from Foreign Policy magazine absolutely floored us. It charts out every protest recorded in the news since 1979.

3. DC ONE Staffers Dance to ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams

ONE staffers from ONE’s digital, creative, partnership, policy and field teams danced their way from the ONE office to the White House (kind of like a metaphor for the work we do at ONE, if you think about it!).

2. A Google Earth Tour of the World’s Most Corrupt Homes

Corrupt politicians and dodgy businesses are stealing millions of dollars from the countries they are supposed to serve, using phantom firms and tax havens to do it. They often then buy valuable property overseas in the most desirable parts of the world. The good news is that these dodgy dealers don’t always get away with it. Come along for a virtual tour of some of the seized properties of disgraced politicians and company bosses.

1. Bono at TED 2013: Eradicating extreme poverty doesn’t have to be a dream

On February 26th, Bono spoke at TED to show the progress in the fight against extreme poverty… and what we need to do next. Bono shares the new facts about fighting global poverty: “Forget the rock opera, forget the bombast, my usual tricks. The only thing singing today will be the facts.”


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