Try our new online game for New Year’s

Try our new online game for New Year’s


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This year I’m not going to let anything scare me

I never make New Year’s resolutions.

At the end of every year it starts – diets, gym membership, no mid-week drinking – and I ignore it all.  It’s partly because I like doing the opposite of whatever glossy magazines and talk shows tell me to do, but also because I know they will all be broken before February arrives.

Most people make resolutions to improve their own lifestyle in some way, but then you get the wonderful altruists who make you feel guilty that the most important change you want to see in the world is in the mirror.

“I’m going to make cupcakes every week for the homeless” or “I’m going to give up coffee and donate the money I save to baby rhinos.” Lovely, good for you.

Why do we find this all so annoying? We should be grateful there are so many thoughtful people out there helping others and be inspired to follow their example. And living more healthily can only be a good thing, right?

Play ONE’s Resolution Roulette now

I think it’s because we always feel like we should be doing more. There are so many causes to support, petitions to sign, community events to volunteer at.  And when we’ve done our part for others, we really should be choosing a run and a smoothie over the sofa and a takeaway.

In some small way we fail every day, and so resent the people who appear to be doing it all successfully.

This year I’m going to stand up to my boss

So at ONE we decided to give you a break and not ask you to make a resolution you won’t keep. Instead, we’ve created Resolution Roulette to put a smile on your face.

Refresh the page to see resolutions and animated GIFs that go above and beyond, and tweet your favorites to entertain others.

But there is one resolution you can make that’s easy to stick to, and that will make a real difference to almost 1 billion people living in extreme poverty.

Join ONE.  That’s it. 

Connect with us by email or Facebook, and we’ll send you quick and easy actions to take when you have a spare minute.  Alongside our 3.5 million other members, those actions put real pressure on decision makers, and lead to change you can see.

And when you’ve done that, reward yourself by playing Resolution Roulette!


Join the fight against Extreme Poverty

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