Indego Africa home goods now available in the ONE Store

“In every way my life has changed since Indego Africa. I do not have to beg to survive. I can take care of my family. I have opened a bank account. There is a future for me.” – Fabiola, 28, Cocoki Cooperative

Thanks to your positive response to Indego Africa products on Instagram and Facebook, we’re now carrying Indego Africa home goods at the ONE Store! Indego Africa provides female artisan entrepreneurs in Rwanda with market access by selling their products through online stores (like ONE’s!) and brick and mortar shops.

Best of all, Indego Africa invests 100 percent of profits back into business training programs in technology, health, literacy, management and entrepreneurship. They also hire ambitious Rwandan university students from socially vulnerable backgrounds to oversee and manage its training programs. It’s a win-win for everybody involved.

Exciting news: this is the first time we have ever carried home goods in the ONE Store. The Copabu Bowls (available in red and black) from Indego Africa make beautiful additions to your holiday table. We also have patterned sweetgrass bracelets, woven by the women of the Imirasire Cooperative, delivered with a handwritten note from the artisan weaver.

Indego Africa

Make a big difference this holiday season and support Indego Africa. Shop their products in the ONE Store here.