Afrikan Boy is Y.A.M. Are you?

Afrikan Boy is Y.A.M. Are you?


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Afrikan Boy, born Olushola Ajose in southeast London to Nigerian parents, is a global MC fusing together grime, rap, and afrobeats and founder of fashion collective WeGoYAM. Here he explains the meaning behind the initials of his clothing line, Y.A.M. Find out how you can win a Y.A.M. shirt at the end of his post. 

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“A farmer does not see the yams grow, He nourishes the ground because he believes in tomorrow.”

Y.A.M. is an acronym for YOUNG, AMBITIOUS and MOTIVATED.

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The name “YAM” belongs to a popular root vegetable commonly eaten by Africans. This is parallel to the true meaning of our brand and it defines us as being deeply rooted in Africa.

Y.A.M. is a direct expression of our identities and represents the need to own it.We have always believed fashion is a form of expression. We made the first hand-stitched T-shirt out of leopard fur taken off an old vinyl record sleeve. Recycling materials to create new products is what we do best. The popularity of the T-shirt quickly became apparent, the amount of people who would laugh as they glanced and read “Y.A.M.” on the front was an obvious indicator we were on to something.

Fast forward a year and a half later, we are now retailing online worldwide and developing new collections.

As a company, we have developed a platform for upcoming young talented designers to showcase their designs and grow their brands.

We believe it is important to encourage creative and entrepreneurial growth amongst the African population around the world.

Through our blog, we encapsulate the ethos of the movement. We highlight individuals dedicated to bringing the latest in music, fashion and culture from around the world that share the same aesthetic of going YAM!

Yamming is an expression we use to describe our efforts of grafting, crafting, building and all round working towards our individual but yet collective goals. We use the term to generate enthusiasm needed to succeed and push through various barriers to attain excellence. We believe everyone can go YAM no matter the age or ability.

Our 3 core values are:
1- To be Youthful, not bound by age.
2- To be Ambitious, possessing the will to reach the sun like a plant does.
3- To be Motivated, the heart to work together and the will pull others up. Motivation provides fuel for the drive.

To purchase Y.A.M. apparel, check out this ASOS page. Also make sure to follow Afrikan Boy on Twitter (@AfrikanBoy) and Go Y.A.M.on Twitter and Instagram at @WeGoYam.

Want to win a Y.A.M. shirt? Tell us how you’re Y.A.M. in a comment below. Afrikan Boy will choose his favorite two responses.

Contest ends Monday, December 16, 5PM ET.


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