How we hustled 5,192 Maroon 5 fans to take action with ONE

How we hustled 5,192 Maroon 5 fans to take action with ONE


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I just wrapped up an exciting few months on the road with Maroon 5 with a team of amazing ONE volunteers. We tabled at a total of 14 shows across the country to ask Maroon 5 fans of all ages to get involved in our cause by urging their senators to support the Electrify Africa Act.

After all those shows, not only do ONE volunteers know the words to nearly every Maroon 5 song, but they closed out the tour with a total of 5,192 letters to their respective senators. It’s an incredible accomplishment. 

It took a lot of trial and error to get our pitch to the crowd right – but I think our volunteers finally figured a few things out (YOU try hustling fans to take action over drum solos, laser beams and Adam Levine’s voice). Here’s our top lessons from the road with Maroon 5. Try them out the next time you’re volunteering for a cause at a rock show!

Tell people what to do: Don’t be afraid to bluntly say what you want. Instead of asking “Will you please sign this card?” say “You should sign this card.” Don’t give people the opportunity to say no.

Don’t just stand there. Go out with a clipboard instead of sitting behind a table. Leaving your comfort zone to approach people will pay off far more than waiting for people to come to you. A big shout out to our Tampa, Hartford and Dallas teams for really putting themselves out there and being the top three grossing shows!

Do your research: Familiarize yourself with the subject enough to be able to answer questions. Be prepared to convince someone to take action rather than walking away if someone is not interested. Ask them why they’re not interested and then convince them otherwise.

Set goals (and rest AFTER you’ve accomplished them): We did not know what to expect when setting out on this Maroon 5 journey. We set a goal of 250 letters per show and exceeded that every time. Once we completed a few shows, we were able to figure out an average card goal per hour and a card goal per person. Set goals so you know what benchmark to reach. You can even reward yourself and others with prizes when you meet or exceed those goals!

Work hard, play hard: Work up a sweat, get those letters, and enjoy a great concert (or dinner, a movie, or another activity as a group) to reward a hard night’s work.

Big thanks to all the volunteers who tabled with ONE on the Maroon 5 tour!

We are currently on tour with the band Gungor. Find out when they’re coming to your ‘hood here


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