Video: Curse of Nigeria’s ‘black gold’

Video: Curse of Nigeria’s ‘black gold’


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In “Shadows and Light: Oil, Power, and the Niger Delta,” a multimedia piece produced by Open Society Institute and partner Revenue Watch Institute, award-winning photojournalist Ed Kashi and narrator Asume Isaac Osuoka, a Nigerian transparency and accountability activist, describe the struggles of the Niger Delta’s citizens and the dire need for fair and responsible revenue management amidst Nigeria’s abundant oil industry.

The piece is a wake-up call to citizens about the dangers of the “resource curse” – in this case, the stark contradiction between the abundance of Nigeria’s “black gold,” or oil, and the poverty that overshadows daily life in the Niger Delta. It also urges governments to ensure that extractive industry revenues benefit the people who live amid Nigeria’s vast natural resource wealth.

ONE members in the US and Europe have worked hard to end this resource curse throughout sub-Saharan Africa by helping to pass legislation that requires oil, gas and mining companies to publicly disclose the payments foreign governments receive for their natural resources. That way, a nation’s money can go toward meeting Millennium Development Goals like health care, schools and clean water – and not to the pockets of kleptocrats.

Learn more about ONE’s work on extractives transparency here. 

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