Canada is beautiful… at saving lives!

Canada is beautiful… at saving lives!


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It’s no big secret. Canada is beautiful. But we aren’t just talking about big mountains, sprawling parks or tall maple trees.

We think Canada’s pretty special because it’s saved a lot of lives from AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis, and we want our leaders to keep it up. 

Canada has always been a strong supporter of The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. Between 2005 and 2013, the Canadian government’s contribution of more than CA $1.38 billion to The Global Fund has helped the organization become the single most powerful tool against these three killer diseases. If Canada pledges as much as we hope it will to The Global Fund over the next three years, it would:

– Allow for more than 285,000 adults to receive life-saving AIDS treatment;
– Help distribute close to 22 million insecticide-treated nets to protect against malaria;
– Help treat nearly 11 million malaria patients; and
– Allow for more than 121,000 TB and multi-drug resistant TB patients to receive care and treatment.

Let’s show the Canadian government that we’re proud of this legacy and want it to continue. Share one of these graphics on Facebook and show friends and family Canada’s “true” beauty. 

Click here to share your favorite and pass on the love.

When you post one of these graphics on Facebook, your support will automatically appear on our customized map of Canada. In a few weeks, we’ll show this map to government officials to let them know just how many people appreciate their work.

Thank you for taking action, and let us know what you think of this creative effort in a comment below!


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