Amazing Africa: 10 Scenes of everyday life for Liberian moms

For this week’s Amazing Africa, we feature a special set of photos of rural Liberian moms doing everyday activities from ONE blogger and photographer Joe Mason.

I like these photos because they showcase the resilient spirit of these hardworking mothers. But looking through, I can’t help but think that their lives could be so much easier if they had access to resources like clean water, reliable electricity and safe roads, just as many mothers do in the West.

As you scroll through this photo set, try to think about the similarities and differences between life for these Liberian moms and moms in the West. I bet you can find a lot!

This baby isn’t stopping her mom from getting all her household work done!

A mother’s work is a balancing act – and in this case, sometimes literally.

With her morning chores done, this young mom pauses to catch her breath before starting on lunch preparations.

Carrying babies on your back is a normal way for moms to walk with their babies in Liberia.

A mom sets her baby down for a nap under a mosquito net.

Pleebo, Liberia on a Saturday afternoon in April. A mother and child walk down the main pathway of the village.

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A family outside of their home in rural Liberia. Someone found a great climbing tree.

This mom routinely carries lumber atop her head to burn for cooking, warmth, and light. In the absence of electricity, Liberians depend heavily on campfires for daily living.

Drying the family’s laundry is a task all moms can relate to.

The dishes are never done! With lumber for burning in the background, this mom cleans up after breakfast. Cooking is done over an open fire in the absence of electricity.

With her children, this mother carries food to sell in the village.

Just because she’s cooking doesn’t mean she can’t bust a move.

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