Intern in your sweatpants: Apply for the ONE Campus internship

Intern in your sweatpants: Apply for the ONE Campus internship


Join the fight against Extreme Poverty

No business casual required: Steven Williams, a fall 2012 campus leader intern at University of Iowa, drums up support for ONE with his school mascot and fellow ONE member Kenzie Papini.

Did you know that ONE offers internship credit for college students who lead a ONE chapter on their campus?

OK, OK, I know what you’re thinking. If you’re like me, you hear “internship” and automatically think answering phones, coffee runs for the boss and endless photocopying. Blah. But a ONE Campus internship is different.

This internship is an on-campus field organizing opportunity, meant to equip students with leadership tools and skills to be effective organizers in the fight against extreme poverty. If your school doesn’t have a ONE chapter, start one!

Here’s how it works: Those who serve as a campus leader or executive board member for their school’s ONE chapter have the option to receive internship credit by participating in an internship curriculum that supplements the work they’re already doing as student leaders for ONE.

The curriculum is specially designed to enhance students’ leadership skills, provide real-world field organizing experience, and harness students’ policy engagement skills. We work with students and their schools for academic internship credit, or students can simply receive official internship credit from ONE. After all — we know how much time and effort goes into leading a group of your peers to fight poverty and we want to recognize you for it.

In addition to all those perks, this internship means you can stay in your sweatpants all day, bare as many piercings and tattoos as you like, and make your own hours. Have we convinced you yet?!

Check out the full ONE Campus internship curriculum and requirements here.

Then, sign up to start (or join) a ONE chapter on your campus –and receive internship credit for it—here:

Not a college student? Pass this info along to your favorite undergraduate and live vicariously through him/her. Deadline to sign up as a fall intern is September 6.


Join the fight against Extreme Poverty

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