#ONEMoms weave memories with fashionABLE in Ethiopia

#ONEMoms weave memories with fashionABLE in Ethiopia


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This week our friends at fashionABLE are in Ethiopia, a country near and dear to my heart and my fellow ONE Moms and ONE Mums. I find myself riveted by the daily posts, Instagram photos and tweets, so wanted to share a few of them with you today.

Last fall, the ONE Moms were fortunate enough to visit Ethiopia and the FashionABLE factory where these gorgeous scarves are made. All of the women on the trip posted about fashionABLE and its online store promptly sold out. We have a serious love affair going on with this company and the women who lend their hands, hearts, souls and names to the scarves. Last week, fashionABLE announced the launch of a small collection of gorgeous leather goods including a leather clutchwallet and iPad sleeve, all named after the women who had a hand in making them.

Below is a sampling of some of the beautiful words, gorgeous photos and inspiration from this team. Please check out their full posts and follow the trip on Twitter at #blogABLE. You can read about the full team of bloggers here.

Read Erin Loechner’s love letter to Ethiopia in Dear Ethiopia

“I’m visiting you with a group of wonderful, inspired ladies (and one-of-a-kind, amazing lone dude), and in one of our recent calls, The Lone Dude explained that he subscribes to a very specific theory: I Need Africa More Than Africa Needs Me. And isn’t that the truth, Ethiopia? I feel guilty when I think about all the valuable lessons you’ll be sharing with me – how joy overcomes circumstance. How resilient a human spirit can be. How we can choose to be happy, to love with our hearts and smile with our souls.”


Photo credit: Erin Loechner/Design for Mankind

Shannon, Flower Patch Farmgirl writes about finding beauty and treasure in Ethiopia:

“My first glimpse of Ethiopian soil felt something like historic. The wheels of the plane hit asphalt and the axis of my heart jarred. It was that different, that suddenly.”

Jenna Beaugh from Eat Live Run:

“We danced together, we sang together, we drank coffee and shared stories. There was lots of laughing and some tears, too. These women are just incredible and their courage makes them true heroes.”


Photo credit: Jenna Baugh/EatLiveRun.

Hayley Morgan of The Tiny Twig:

“We made whirly-gigs and learned to weave, and that tossed me right upside down.”

Photo credit: Hayley Morgan

Singer /songwriter Ellie Holcomb

Day 2: Ethiopia
Heard powerful stories
Tried to learn how to weave a scarf
Sang. Danced. Made new friends.

Photo credit: Ellie Holcomb.

Trina from Lala Lovely writes a beautiful post on her impressions as she follows her friends on their trip to Ethiopia

“wherever you are be all there. have you seen that touted around the internet? hand drawn and hung up, at least on a pinboard or twenty or two? i have. i try it but i’m pretty crap at it. ever since i remember, from when i can first remember remembering things, i remember day dreaming of there. meaning, anywhere but here. andthere, of course, changes, as all things do.

and, what if wherever you are is not where you “really” are? i mean sometimes your heart just lives outside your body. tell me you’ve felt this too? my heart is in ethiopia this week.”


Photo credit: lalalovelyblog


Photo credit: Emily Maynard

Click here to follow more updates from the trip.


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