Welcome to agit8 – change the world through the power of protest song

Welcome to agit8 – change the world through the power of protest song


Join the fight against Extreme Poverty

We’ve been hard at work here at ONE over the last few months, getting ready for our new project in the lead-up to the G8 – and I’m so excited to finally be able to share it with you.

Do you think music can change the world? We do. Together we can raise our voices to virtually eliminate extreme poverty by 2030, but we know that it’s not a force of nature, it’s an act of will… and we need millions more voices to come together to urge those in power to finish the job. That’s why we are using the power of the protest song to inspire a new generation to take action around the G8 Summit.

We are launching agit8, a totally unique music-based campaign to build pressure for action against extreme poverty at this year’s G8 and beyond, just as Live 8 did in 2005. But this is not another charity concert. The campaign is a combination of a digital music platform featuring new video recordings of classic protest songs, a film projected on the façade of the Tate Modern museum in London and pop-up live performances.

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Artists from Mumford & Sons to Macklemore, Ryan Lewis to Elvis Costello, and Angelique Kidjo to Ed Sheeran, YouTube artists and dozens of other incredible musicians from around the world are uniting to raise their voices on behalf of the world’s poorest. Here’s a 1-minute video to sum it up:

Each artist has covered their song in a totally unique way… but together they show the strength of our movement.

So how can you get involved?

Watch exclusive performances of major artists around the world performing their favorite protest songs, as well as video of pop-up performances taking place June 12-13 at the Tate Modern in London.

Listen to protest song performances from new and original artists and access exclusive Spotify playlists.

Learn more about the history of protest music, including in-depth background information for each song. You can read up on the history of the track, its writers, artist, and lyrics. A video featuring live performances of the song and a slew of alternative performances will also be there to view.

View beautiful photography – powered by Nokia – with photos from the event in London and images that reflect the power and spirit of the protest song, captured by both members of the public and professional photographers.

Create your own shareable artwork on Facebook and Twitter with an awesome lyric cover art creator.

Join ONE to unlock bonus features, photo and video content, and vote for your favorite protest cover song performed by YouTube music channels all-stars.

As you can see, there is a ton for you to do… and a ton at stake. Get off your couch and get on your soapbox. Visit http://one.org/protestsongs now!

Did you know? You can unlock hidden content on the agiT8 website and win Premium Spotify accounts by signing up for ONE and “LIKING” ONE on Facebook. Go here now to get started! 


Join the fight against Extreme Poverty

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