9 Ways to end malaria – right from your computer!

9 Ways to end malaria – right from your computer!


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Photo credit: Centers for Disease Control. 

This Thursday, World Malaria Day, we’re asking our ONE members to join the global movement to raise awareness for malaria. This awful (but very preventable) disease, spread by mosquitoes, causes approximately 660,000 deaths a year – 90 percent of them in Africa.

More people know that it is possible to eradicate this disease. Thanks to political will and sustained investment, together the world has saved 1 million lives in just a decade. And 50 countries are on track to reduce malaria by 75 percent by 2015.

So how can you get involved? We’ve made it easy for you. Here’s some of our favorite actions taking place tomorrow, World Malaria Day, from our friends and partners in the NGO community. We know that you have busy lives and don’t have tons of free time to get away from school, work and all your other responsibilities – but fear not. These are things that you can do to help the fight right from your computer.

What are you waiting for? Get started!

1. Get political. Take a minute to send a letter asking your member of Congress to join the Malaria and Neglected Tropical Disease Caucus.

Malaria Day

2. Read personal accounts from our Peace Corps volunteers. Want to catch-up with Peace Corps volunteers in the field on World Malaria Day? Check out the Stomp Out Malaria Initiative blog series for a fresh perspective on combatting malaria.

3. Learn the basics of malaria with ONE. Need something to keep you occupied on your lunch break? Join ONE and our friends at the Centers for Disease Control and Malaria No More UK at 12PM ET for a global Google+ Hangout to cut through the clutter and learn the basics of malaria from the experts. We promise there will be no jargon, no complicated or super-technical science—just the truth, straight from the experts’ mouths, about this incredible global battle to save lives and how you can contribute to it.

4. Find out about fake drugs. Counterfeit malaria drugs are a huge issue in the developing world. Our friends at the Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting will cut through the issue in this riveting Google+ Hangout at 9 AM ET, April 25.

5. Send a bed net. Nothing but Nets is working to Cover Africa this World Malaria Day by raising $200,000 to send 20,000 life-saving bed nets to protect families in the hardest to reach communities in sub-Saharan Africa from malaria. You can head here now to donate and send a net.

6. Protect The Global Fund. The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria work really hard to save lives around the world. But they can’t keep on fighting the good fight if world leaders are not supporting them. Act now and tell leaders to scale up their commitments!

7. Watch a documentary. Have some free time after work? Attend a screening of the new HBO film Mary and Martha and take action with the film’s partner, Malaria No More. Watch the trailer above.

8. Surprise them with a fact. Tell your friends and family about your most surprising fact about malaria. For example, did you know that purchasing and delivering a bed net to protect against malaria costs just $10? We love all the hard facts on Roll Back Malaria’s website.

9. Buy a United Against Malaria beaded bracelet. It’s more than an accessory – it’s a tool that can help reduce malaria deaths in malaria-endemic regions. And sales of these bracelets have an enormous impact for the South African beaders who make them.

Malaria is always an important issue for us here at ONE, and World Malaria Day is an awesome opportunity to educate yourself on the issues and keep up the momentum in the fight against this preventable disease. Take a minute tomorrow to click, read, watch or share something about malaria. Every action helps!


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