Beautiful photos that have the power to help children

Beautiful photos that have the power to help children


Join the fight against extreme poverty

100Cameras, a non-profit in New York City, works in partnership with organizations based in Sudan, Cuba and New York City to give cameras and teach photography to marginalized children in these communities.

But the mission doesn’t end there: the sale of these photographs funds programs that provide water, food, health care, education and other resources in these areas. All of the proceeds go back to the partnership organization in order to provide sustainable solutions for these children.


Photo credit: 100Cameras

The first 100Cameras project was established in fall 2008 with St. Bartholomew’s Orphanage in Kajo Keji, South Sudan, which cares for refugee orphans, many of whose parents died in the country’s brutal 21-year civil war. Here, proceeds have helped maintain trucks that transport food and medicine for the children in their care. After the success of the program in Sudan, 100Cameras launched similar programs in New York City in 2009 followed by Cuba in 2010.

kabang 01

Another beautiful photo from South Sudan available for sale at 100Cameras.
100Cameras is well-aware of the power of storytelling to raise awareness about the challenges that these children face. Angela Francine Bullock, one of the four women who co-founded the organization, describes how photography gives the children in these communities a platform to express themselves and tell their stories from the inside out, rather than the outside in. She finds that there’s an honesty and sincerity in the photographs that comes from the children documenting their lives without an agenda when they choose their subjects and frame their photographs.

We love 100Cameras because they believe in and know the power of collaboration. Angela explained how important their partnership organizations, like St. Bartholemew’s Orphanage, are. These partners have specific experience in the countries and communities where 100Cameras operates to make the program and the proceeds generated by sales as effective as possible. In addition, each partner helps 100Cameras stay in contact with the children in these communities so that their relationship doesn’t end when the project does.

kiden 08

This photo is taken by Kiden in South Sudan. You can buy the photo here.
The program has also helped the children gain a more global understanding of the world. When Angela spoke with kids from NYC who attended a 100Cameras exhibition featuring photos taken in all three locations, they realized that they aren’t so different than those that live in different communities and different countries and that people around the world care about what they have to say.

There will soon be another exciting addition to the mix. 100Cameras is now working on project004 in Madurai, India, where they are joining the Russ Foundation to give cameras to orphans whose parents died from AIDS or who have been rescued from the sex industry.

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Join the fight against extreme poverty

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