Amazing Africa: Proof that lives are changing for the better for Kenya’s rural poor

Amazing Africa: Proof that lives are changing for the better for Kenya’s rural poor


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Kelly Ranck, communications liaison for World Concern, has shared a series of her beautiful photos that highlight some of World Concern’s incredible water, agriculture and education projects taking place in rural Kenya. Please be sure to read each caption as you scroll through the photos – it’s amazing to see how World Concern is addressing some of these rural Kenyans’ challenges and improving their livelihoods! 


Before World Concern installed a borehole a short distance away, Kijoolu traveled a substantial distance to the nearest dirty water pan. Kijoolu now travels a short distance and is able to gather clean water without risk. We love the matching vibrance of her smile and her bright yellow top.


Lily, a pastor, mother and wife, holds a jug of yogurt, produced from one of her cows. This cow was purchased through a loan she received from becoming a member of a World Concern Financial Service Association in Narok, Kenya. 


Despite that these three beautiful children live in an internally displaced persons camp in Saka, Kenya, they can still manage to smile. World Concern is working with the community to establish clean water, health and hygiene education as well as opportunities for people to generate income. 


Here is Irene farming her crops, planted with the money she was loaned through World Concern’s FSA in Narok, Kenya. Before leaving her farm, she told Kelly, the photographer, “This is now your home. You are always welcome here. Please tell our story and pray for our children.” 

kellyranck-a joyous burden

Prior to the shallow well installed by World Concern, this mother of ten would walk 4 miles (each way) through dangerous water. Because of the well, she is now able to gather water multiple times a day and maintain the health of her family. I’d be happy too if I didn’t have to walk so much! 


This giggling primary school student is showing off his kale. World Concern has partnered with this primary school in Narok, Kenya to help them establish a kitchen garden, allowing them to eat vegetables every day and often grow enough to sell to the local community. Doesn’t he look so proud? 

kelly ranck-alfred

Alfred grew up in Narok, Kenya and now attends university in Nairobi. Alfred’s parents are members of a Financial Service Association (FSA) initiated by World Concern, which allowed them to help fund his education. I wonder what that cheeky grin is all about! 

kelly ranck-Dorothy.jpeg

Like Alfred, Dorothy is the daughter of an active member of a World Concern FSA in Narok, Kenya. Dorothy’s mother has a plot of land where she grows potatoes and a variety of other vegetables to sell at a local market to pay for her children’s education. We’re so glad to see that Dorothy is going to school. 

kelly ranck-great grandma

This is Christine and her great-grandmother (who is reported to be between the ages of 80 and 120 years old). Christine is a recipient of World Concern’s scholarship program, and though she was the only girl to attend her secondary school, she excelled and is currently applying to university. Two generations of empowered and strong women!


These boys currently live in an internally displaced persons camp in Balambala, Kenya. World Concern is working actively to provide them with the basic necessities to live a life of dignity: clean water, education about hygiene, and the tools/education to farm. I think this boy is faking a sad face! 

kelly ranck-grace

Grace is standing in the middle of her thriving salon in Narok, Kenya. She used the three loans she received through a World Concern FSA account to keep her business afloat and successful, and uses the money from her salon to provide for her family of ten. 

kelly ranck-behindtheducha

Though this mother never had the opportunity to receive an education, she works hard at her job at a shop to make sure that each of her children complete school. So far, two of her daughters have gone all the way through secondary school and are in university. 


Standing in front of an FSA bank in Narok, Kenya, Francis told us that becoming a member of the bank has greatly improved his farming business. As a husband and father, he hopes to be able to provide for all of his children so that they may one day go to school and return to Narok to assist their community. 

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