Amazing Africa: International Women’s Day edition

Amazing Africa: International Women’s Day edition


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March 8 marks International Women’s Day, a celebration of respect, appreciation and love towards women for their economic, political and social achievements. We wanted to join the worldwide celebration by creating a photo set that champions the beauty and strength of women in Africa.

The women that compose the African landscape vary in occupation from farmers to midwives to political leaders. They assume different roles outside of this context as well: mothers, wives and for many, breadwinners. Our list barely begins to encapsulate how important women are to the ever-evolving continent but we loved these images too much to keep them to ourselves.

TAMALE, GHANA - JANUARY 11, 2012:. (Photos by Morgana Wingard)

A visit to Nyohini Women’s Group, a rice processing center funded through Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), during ONE’s listening and learning trip to Ghana. Photo Credit: Morgana Wingard

TAMALE, GHANA - JANUARY 11, 2012: A visit to Nyohini Women's Gr

Nyohini Women’s Group members cultivating the rice grown through the MCC rice processing center, moving beyond subsistence farming to trade and market entry in Ghana.Photo Credit: Morgana Wingard

George's Pineapple Farm

George’s Pineapple Farm funded by Millenium Challenge Corporation in Ghana. Here, women work in safe and protected conditions in the production and exporting of pineapples.Photo Credit: Morgana Wingard

School for Midwives (Sierra Leone)

Child and Maternal Health Clinic staff in Sierra Leone. These women are some of the midwives that contribute to the lives of countless women and children in Sierra Leone, facilitating safe delivery and health care. Photo Credit: Morgana Wingard

105.9 FM Radio Station

 Yvonne Chaka Chaka, speaking on The Forum for African Women Educationalists, or FAWE. FAWE is dedicated to ensuring that girls are given access to a well-rounded and well-deserved education.  FAWE operates under the notion that education is a fundamental human right, using a four-pronged approach to revolutionize girls’ education and to achieve gender equity and equality in education across Africa.Photo Credit: Morgana Wingard

Meeting with Ghanaian First Lady, Mrs. Ernestina Naadu Mills

Meeting with Ghanaian First Lady, Mrs. Ernestina Naadu Mills, who was known for her commitment to fighting maternal mortality through various initiatives such as her Campaign Against Maternal Mortality. Photo credit: Morgana Wingard 

FashionABLE Factory, Ethiopia

The FashionABLE Factory in Ethiopia helps create sustainable businesses for women in Africa. Photo credit: FashionABLE.

Kidoti Primary School
USAID helps fund the Kidoti Primary School for girls in Tanzania, giving girls the right start in life. Photo credit: ONE

Mary Joy Development Association, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, October 7, 2012 (ONE Moms trip)
Love this gorgeous photo of girls at the Mary Joy Development Association in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Photo credit: Karen Walrond.

Okyereko Rice Cooperative AssociationWomen and girls are the future, most tangibly in the context of agriculture. Here, two generations of women on the Okyereko Rice Cooperative funded by TechnoServe in Ghana, show the reach of agriculture. Photo credit: Morgana Wingard

Okyereko Rice Cooperative Association

A beautiful portrait of a farmer on the Okyereko Rice Cooperative. Photo credit: Morgana Wingard

Ballet dancer strikes a pose outside her home in Khayelitsha, So
Noluyanda Mqutwana strikes a pose outside her small family house in Khayelitsha, the biggest black township, outside Cape Town, South Africa. Noluyanda is one of about 200 unprivileged children dancing ballet in a program called Dance For All. Many children are talented and the discipline taught during the dance classes has helped many to improve their concentration in school. Photo credit: Dance for All.

Celebrate International Women’s Day this Friday and show the women of the world the respect and love they deserve!

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