Amazing Africa: Pinterest inspiration

Amazing Africa: Pinterest inspiration

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Amazing Africa: Pinterest inspiration

Spend a few minutes searching the term “travel” on Pinterest and you’ll be wanderlusting before you know it. In this week’s Amazing Africa, we’re bringing you the top pins from four incredible water landmarks in Zimbabwe, Senegal and Malawi. Pack your bags, book your flights and get ready to dive into these amazing lakes and waterfalls!

Waterfall 1
Victoria Falls on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia is one of the most famous waterfalls in the world.
Photo by Eva Krakowski (Pin)

Waterfall 3
During the dry season from September through December, the current is slow and it’s perfectly safe to swim up to the edge (Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe).
Photo by Annie Griffiths Belt (Pin)

Pool 1
Nicknamed the Devil’s Pool, visitors can take a leap of faith, plunge in and enjoy the breathtaking views! (Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe)
Photo from The World Roamer (Pin)

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Pink Lake
Yes, Lake Retba in Senegal is actually PINK!
Photo from Incredible Things (Pin)

Pink Lake 3
The water gets its color from special algae that produce a reddish pigment. It’s more saturated during the dry season (Lake Retba, Senegal).
Photo from Buzzfeed (Pin)

Pink Lake 2
The lake also has a high salt content making is easier to float (Lake Retba, Senegal).
Photo from Buzzfeed (Pin)

Malawi 1
Crystal clear waters at Lake Malawi are oh-so-inviting.
Photo from Mozambique Accommodation (Pin)

Fish Malwai
The lake is  home to hundreds of different kinds of cichlid fish in an array of bright colors (Lake Malawi).
Photo by Anne Collins (Pin)

Malwai 2
Relax after a day of snorkeling to watch an incredible sunset (Lake Malawi).
Photo by Melissa (Pin)

Traverse the plummeting heights of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. Photo by Judy Battaglia. (Pin)

Sunshine and mists in Victoria Falls create a fantastic view both above and below the clouds. Photo: Mai Spy.   (Pin)

Even behind clouds, Victoria Falls is an awesome sight to behold. Photo:Tere Sa. (Pin)

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Amazing Africa: Pinterest inspiration

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