Get down with P-Square

Get down with P-Square


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Paul and Peter Okoye are the names behind the mega-popular R&B duo, P-Square. These identical twins have crossed geographical boundaries, making them not only the most popular artists in their native Nigeria, but also a hit sensation all over Africa and around the globe.

P-Square’s music combines Western and African rhythms in a hip-shaking blend of R&B, hip hop and dancehall rhythms that are undoubtedly played at every club in Africa. P-Square has become a symbol of the Nigerian entertainment industry, with all five of their albums going platinum in the region.

P-Square Album Cover RedoneFrom a young age, Paul and Peter were inspired by the likes of Michael Jackson, MC Hammer and Bobby Brown. Both attended music school to develop their skills on the keyboard, drums, bass and rhythm guitar. The twins have come a long way from miming the lyrics of “Smooth Criminal,” which was also happens to be the original name of their group.

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P-Square has not gone unnoticed in the United States. Paul and Peter consider R&B and Hip-Hop artist and producer, Akon, a part of their family.

Akon signed the duo to his Konvict Muzik label in 2011 and, with his help, they signed a major deal with Universal Music Group, South Africa in 2012. Despite their undeniable success, Paul and Peter made it clear they do not intend to pack up and leave Nigeria to become mainstream hits in the United States.

“Africa would miss us and our music,” Paul said in an interview with OK! Nigeria TV. And to say that Africa would miss them is an understatement: the music mega-stars have won the hearts of their country, the continent and the Diaspora by always maintaining a touch of Africa in their music.

This dash of Africa can be seen in almost all of P-Square’s songs, including Africa’s dance song of the year “Alingo”.  This track contains a techno version of the traditional Ghanaian Azonto beat, combined with the fast pace dance culture of modern West Africa. The music video for this song showcases the twins’ edgy style and sick dance moves, giving them an overall swag that explains their rise to superstardom. There is no doubt that P-Square will continue to make African music history with their get-up-and-dance hit songs. When their fans demand more, they will surely deliver.

Check out P-Square’s hit, Alingo, below:

Are on you on Spotify? I’ve created a playlist of my favorite P-square using Spotify, a free music service that you can download here.


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