Amazing Africa: The power of The Global Fund

Amazing Africa: The power of The Global Fund

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Amazing Africa: The power of The Global Fund

In this week’s Amazing Africa, we’re paying homage to The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria, an organization that is  severely at risk of being cut by Congress, although it has helped more than 4.2 million people receive HIV treatment, 9.7 million receive anti-tuberculosis medication and more than 310 million receive insecticide  nets to prevent malaria.

We want to give you a first-hand look at the families, hospitals and communities that have benefitted from Global Fund support. Through these photos, you can witness for yourself that these programs work. Scroll through and see the proof, then tell President Obama to sustain funding to The Global Fund here.

As you look through think to yourself: This program could get cut from the US budget!

This hospital in Liberia, supported through The Global Fund, is integral in supporting women with HIV.

"Tanzania Pharmaceutical Industries - ARV packaging, Arusha"
Workers in Tanzania are hard at work packaging the ARVs, provided by The Global Fund, that will be given out to patients at local health centers.

Elizabeth Mwangi receives ARVs at Mbgathi District Hospital in
This pharamcist is carefully counting out the pills to give to his patients.

Don’t let President Obama cut The Global Fund. Take action here!

Harriet Mulopi receives ARVs for the first time at Mbgathi Dist
It’s all smiles as this hospital employee gets ready to give Harriet her first-ever dose of ARVs. What an awesome moment!

ONE delegation visits Tema Hospital in Ghana in March 2010
ONE and (RED) visited The Tema Hospital in Ghana, where 96 percent of babies born in their care are HIV-free thanks to The Global Fund. AMAZING!

Baby Michael is HIV-free thanks to The Global Fund-supported treatment his mother, Princess, received while pregnant.

Though her son Michael was lucky to be born HIV-free, her friend’s son was not so fortunate; his mother faulted on her medication and he was born with the disease. After her friend passed, Princess took in the 5-month little boy and cares for him as her own.

Both Bethwel Nyangweso and his wife are HIV-positive but thanks to The Global Fund-sponsored medicine, they were able to have another son who is HIV-free.

Fun and games at a routine check-up for this beautiful (and healthy!!) little girl.

In Ethiopia, The Global Fund supports programs that train women as health extension workers, giving them the resources to help and their communities the access to healthcare. It all comes full circle!

Please don’t let President Obama cut The Global Fund. Tell him to show love for AIDS, TB and Malaria and send him a Valentine here.


Amazing Africa: The power of The Global Fund

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