Listen to this song, give children in East Africa one hour of class

Listen to this song, give children in East Africa one hour of class


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Grammy nominated artist Carolyn Malachi’s song, “Free your mind,” has a secret mission: For every person who listens to the song, children in East Africa will get one hour of class. 

My name is Carolyn Malachi. I want to tell you why I got involved with the “I Am” campaign.

I was raised in a family that stressed education. One family mantra is “maintain yourself.” Keep yourself and your mind sharp. Get to know the world. Be aware of your environment. Learn. I was always taught that getting an education gives you the foundation to a fair shot at achieving your goals.

As an artist, I wanted to send a message to students in Africa who have fewer resources than students in the US and Europe – Don’t give up. I’ve learned that what makes a champion  is the ability to see obstacles as opportunities, instead of just obstacles. But in order to do that, you need to free your mind.

Watch my newest video entitled just that – “Free your mind.” It tells the story of a young girl who found a way to triumph, even in the face of adversity. The best part is, thanks to my partners at The School Fund and Chegg, through our  ‘I AM’ campaign,  East African children will receive one hour of class time for each video view and song download on Google Play and iTunes.  You can learn more about The School Fund and the I AM campaign here:

Watching the YouTube video from start to finish counts – so watch it and give children in East Africa one hour of class. Act now because this ends on January 31! 

Through education, many of these children will be able to grow up one day and proudly say “ I AM a doctor” or “I AM a singer” — and that is quite possibly the best thing that you could ever do for them.

Watch the video now, and you can empower a child to grow up and one day say, “ I AM a…”

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