Climb a virtual mountain in the name of clean water

I am highly unlikely to ever climb a mountain in my life. I’m not outdoorsy, I’m not athletic and I’m terribly afraid of heights. That’s why I have mad respect for anyone who decides to cross that challenge off their bucket list. Especially for a good cause.


Well, thanks to Summit on the Summit, an initiative designed to drive awareness and change to the global clean water crisis, I can climb a mountain and feel that amazing sense of fulfillment virtually through their Summit Seeker program. The challenge mirrors a real climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, where a team of VIPs like musician Kenna, artist Mark Foster and actor Justin Chatwin ascended the 19,340-ft. mountain while brainstorming ways the world can bring water to the 1 billion people living without this human right. How’s that for multitasking!

The team on the road

They returned safe and sound last week (congratulations, team!), but now the challenge is how to get as many activists amped up about clean water as possible. That’s why you’ve got to sign up as a Summit Seeker like I did.


As a Summit Seeker, your job is to earn points by taking daily actions to climb the 7 routes to the peak of the mountain. Those actions come in the form of videos (there’s some pretty shocking clips in there of how people in the developing world get water from, blog posts from the VIP climbers, music from Kenna, and more. If you climb all 7 routes, you get a chance to win some pretty cool prizes from HP, Intel, P&G, KLM and First Ascent.


 You would never drink this water in a million years… but there are people in the world who are forced to.

Through your efforts and activists like you around the globe, the Summit on the Summit partnership will directly support nonprofit organizations providing safe, clean drinking water to struggling communities…giving future generations the chance to thrive.

I’m still on Route 1 of the virtual mountain, but the cause is too noble for me to stop here. So, follow the climbers real journey here, and sign up for the Summit Seeker program here. And learn more about the water crisis on Good luck!