The ‘give back’ wedding

The ‘give back’ wedding


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I recently heard about this adorable couple in Colorado who planned their entire wedding around the concept of “giving back.” So of course I had to find out more about this loving, generous couple and their give back wedding. I mean, just look how cute they are – and no, not the dogs, although they are also adorable.


While planning their wedding in Colorado this summer, Lauren and Brian struggled to reconcile their families’ wishes for a traditional, large (and expensive) wedding with their need to stay true to themselves and their values. Thus the idea of a “give back wedding” was born. Both eco-conscious teachers with a commitment to working with at-risk students, Lauren and Brian made sure that their wedding supported the causes and issues closest to their hearts.


“Brian and I felt so blessed to have found this love that we wanted to share our love and happiness with the rest of the world. We wanted our love to make a difference in the hearts of others in the same way that it had in our very own,” said Lauren.

ONE was one of the lucky organizations to be “invited” to the wedding! A member since 2006, Lauren gave her guests ONE bands and was seen carrying around our eco-friendly coffee mug and wearing a ONE shirt all weekend. Now that’s what I call a passionate ONE member!

Lauren drank out of this ONE mug on her wedding day

Display table of favors for guests that included all of their favorites causes.

Other supported causes included Livestrong, the Human Rights Campaign, Bead for Life, and TOMS. The bride’s shoes were even from the TOMS wedding collection. During the reception, the newlyweds kissed when donations were made to the wildfire relief effort.

What an amazing couple! But that’s enough from me. Read what Lauren had to say about planning her give back wedding in her own words:

“It began with the invitations. Brian and I are very eco-conscious. As I began looking for eco-friendly wedding invitations, I discovered Cards for Causes and noticed that I could purchase recycled invitations and allocate a portion of the purchase to the charity of our choice. We chose The Alzheimer’s Foundation as both of our grandmothers suffered from the disease. From there we simply brainstormed causes that we were passionate about and researched ways to incorporate them into the day.

Ultimately, we realized that this day would be once in a lifetime. There would be photos that would inevitably end up on Facebook, in emails, texts, etc. We wanted our wedding to be more than one day, one party, one celebration. We wanted it to be something that would continue on and have a greater impact on our guests and ultimately on the world. We included literature from each organization in our wedding favors and made sure to recognize all of the people who made our day so amazing.”

And if all that wasn’t enough, this generous couple spent a week of their honeymoon in Costa Rica volunteering at an animal sanctuary. Truly inspiring.

A special thanks to Lauren and Brian from our family at ONE for making us and those other amazing causes part of their special day.

All photos credit to Lisa Anne Photography


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