Senator Daniel Inouye: A warrior for justice

Photo credit: People Magazine

This week, we got the sad news that Senator Daniel Inouye of Hawaii passed away.  Senator Inouye was a giant in the Senate, and he will be remembered for many things. He was a World War II hero who was awarded the Medal of Honor, the second-longest serving senator in US history, the Chairman of the Appropriations Committee, the first Japanese American to serve in the House, and the first to serve in the Senate. His legacy is deep.

He believed in reaching across the aisle, and his friendships in the US. Senate knew no parties. Here at ONE, we’ll remember him as a champion of the world’s most vulnerable populations, as a warrior for justice.  Senator Inouye’s career was marked by a promise he made to himself when he began his service  – “I promised myself that whenever I was confronted with an injustice, I would not stay silent.  I would gather the facts, step forward and work to correct the wrong.”  I’m not sure we could say it better.  Mahalo, Senator.