ONE Act a Week: Create your own “It Starts with Me” video

Action: 68. Time: 20-30 min. Difficulty: Medium-Challenging. You will need a YouTube account, a decent camera, and a few minutes to prep.

Last week, we commemorated World AIDS Day with a new global AIDS funding report and a new video series, “It Starts With Me”, an emotional group of testimonials from AIDS activists, ONE members and staff, and celebrities explaining why fighting against AIDS is important to them. TIME and Reuters, among others, covered our work late last week and we watched with pride as our partner (RED) and Tiësto marked the day with a global online concert and a remix iTunes album with proceeds going to the Global Fund.

But World AIDS Day was only the beginning, and now we really need your voice.

If you’ve kept reading this article, then you obviously care about fighting AIDS and making a difference. Now others need to hear your passion. Why? Because your story can be the fuel for firing up friends and family to join you, and even inspire some random person watching your video on our YouTube channel to get involved. Your story, joined with hundreds of others, is a building block for bringing in more folks to take action.

So this week, trusty ONE advocates, sit down in front of your camera on your phone, tablet, or laptop and make a short video and explain why you are in the fight to see the beginning of the end of AIDS. Here are some instructions. Once you complete the form, we’ll look up your video and add it to our YouTube page and spotlight your work. Remember, it doesn’t have to be flashy or perfect, just honest and sincere. Good luck!

1. Record a video message that answers this question: What moment in your life inspired you to join the fight against HIV/AIDS? Click here for all the specifics (how long it should be, what you should say, etc.) For extra inspiration, watch Colin Farrell’s video here.

2. Log into your YouTube channel to upload your video. You will need to have a YouTube account before you can do that. Find out how to set up a YouTube account here.

3. In your video, make sure you include this text at the top of your description:

CLICK HERE to protect US funding that fights AIDS around the world:

Want to submit your own message? Details here:

4. Submit your video URL in the form below. Within 24 hours, we’ll make sure your video is added to our “It starts with me” playlist.