Submit a video to our ‘It starts with me’ YouTube series

Each of us can mark the turning point in our lives when we decided that standing on the sidelines wasn’t good enough. When we chose to stop being part of the problem and to start being part of the solution. And we all have a personal story — the moment, the epiphany, the inspiration, the person — that drove us to action.

From today to December 12, we’re asking our ONE members to join our “It starts with me” series by sharing your stories for World AIDS Day. ONE’s YouTube series will feature video messages from a broad range of contributors who will share a moment that inspired them to get in the fight against AIDS to end it. These videos will be featured in our special World AIDS Day playlists on the ONE YouTube channel.

The series includes videos from lifelong AIDS activist Cleve Jones (who fought with Harvey Milk during the AIDS epidemic here in the US in the 1970s) and celebrities like Colin Farrell, Perez Hilton and Zoe Saldana.

We’d love for our ONE members to take part. Follow these steps to get ensure that your story and your video are added to our “It starts with me” playlist on ONE’s YouTube channel for ONE members to watch, share and comment on.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Record a video message that answers this question: What moment in your life inspired you to join the fight against HIV/AIDS?  Click here for all the specifics (how long it should be, what you should say, etc.) For extra inspiration, watch Colin Farrell’s video in the player above.

2. Log into your YouTube channel to upload your video. You will need to have a YouTube account before you can do that. Find out how to set up a YouTube account here.

3. In your video, make sure you include this text at the top of your description: 

CLICK HERE to protect US funding that fights AIDS around the world:

Want to submit your own message? Details here:

4. Submit your video URL in the form below. Within 24 hours, we’ll make sure your video is added to our “It starts with me” playlist.