The news app for activists

The news app for activists


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It’s no secret: the way we get news has radically changed. And while the golden age of print may be over, journalism is still thriving. On the web, we have unlimited access to original content. We can experience events in real time.  We can be our own editors. But how do we know if we’re getting the best content out there? And how can we go beyond the “like” and “share” buttons to engage with the issues we really care about it? It’s tricky business.  That’s why ONE is so excited about Link TV’s world news iPad app, which allows us not only to get the facts straight, but also to take action.

Link TV is an indie network that broadcasts a compelling mix of documentaries, music, and programs promoting citizen action. There’s no censorship and no commercials.

Their new iPad app, which was iTunes’ No. 1 app the week of its release, offers a mix between mainstream media and digital. Curating the best content from every corner of the web, the app not only gives us a holistic view of events as they unfold, but also provides a way to influence these events. The app’s “take action tool” offers specific actions — signing a petition, making a donation or volunteering — around the content we watch and read about.

Link TV isn’t the only media platform linking news to action. GOOD Worldwide, a network for idealists working towards collective progress, combines online news with the GOOD “maker” tool, allowing people and organizations to tap into the public’s creativity to address or solve an issue. The Guardian also promotes activism, curating news stories about the causes and development efforts regarding poverty worldwide in their poverty matters blog.

These media groups are on to something.  A new report by the Pew Research Center suggests that while we like to consume news across a variety of digital platforms, the more devices we get our news from, the more we crave trusted curators. We want to maintain our freedom to sift through content, but we want to know where to find the best of it.

As New York Times reporter David Carr said in a recent interview, digital media is adopting the attributes of traditional media a lot faster than mainstream media is adopting the attributes of digital – and that a hybrid of both is emerging. Link TV’s app is the hybrid for activists.  Ready to start really connecting with your news? You can download the app here.


Join the fight against Extreme Poverty

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