Three amazing Obama events in Wisconsin

Three amazing Obama events in Wisconsin


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President Obama visited the swing state of Wisconsin three times over a week-long period earlier this month. ONE members were there, front and center, braving the cold during each one of the President’s appearances, for the opportunity to remind him of the importance of fighting extreme poverty and preventable disease around the world and to thank him for his commitment and efforts thus far.

At the event in Green Bay, held at the main airport tarmac, we got to see the President arrive in Air Force One! It was a powerful experience. He then spoke for a bit, and greeted the energized crowd. We had two groups of volunteers along the rope line and everyone got a chance to shake the President’s hand and have brief interaction with him! You can see all photos from the event here.

In Milwaukee last Saturday, ONE volunteers got a chance to see the President speak, as they were proudly wearing their ONE T-shirts and stickers. The ONE group even had a chance to meet Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin, the Democratic Candidate for US Senate. She stopped by to say hello and take a photo.

You can see all of our photos from the Milwaukee event here.

The President’s most recent visit was to the city of Madison. Our experience there was best summarized by ONE volunteer Unique Love:

I’ll always remember November 5, 2012 as the day ONE provided me with the opportunity to meet the President and thank him for fighting for the world’s poorest people.

Unique Love meets President Obama
Standing outside in the cold for over five hours was worth every one of the few seconds I got to interact with the President. I was overwhelmed with excitement, I was inspired by his speech, and I was humbled by his smile.

I volunteer for ONE to show my appreciation and concern for those who are less fortunate than me. I saw that same concern in President Obama’s eyes today.

Along with being on cloud nine because I met the President :) I was also pleased to see other volunteers, proudly displaying the ONE logo, sprinkled through the entire rope line. It was great to see others care about ONE’s issues so deeply, and willing to thank the President on behalf of ONE.

All photos from the President’s visit to Madison are here.

I’ve been honored to work with so many great volunteers throughout Wisconsin and the entire Great Lakes region during the ONE Vote campaign this year. It has been amazing being able to get to know incredible ONE members, while expanding our reach to new parts of the region!


Join the fight against Extreme Poverty

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