One thing the candidates both agree on

One thing the candidates both agree on


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Over the last several days I am sure you have seen countless ads from different candidates explaining where they stand on the issues. Below are portions of statements that President Obama and Governor Romney both made about foreign aid.

Excerpt from Romney Statement:
Our assistance to developing countries, if used wisely, can encourage growth, promote freedom, and keep us safe. Our aid policy will be a priority in my administration, because I believe in a strong America. Our strength comes from many sources, and foreign assistance is one of them.

Excerpt from Obama Statement
Hunger, disease and poverty can lead to global instability and leave a vacuum for extremism to fill. So instead of just managing poverty, we must offer nations and people a pathway out of poverty.


I am sure you are expecting them to be very different much like their positions on the economy or health care or even education, but you might be surprised to find out they are actually pretty similar. In fact, if I didn’t tell you who wrote each one I bet you would have a hard time guessing.

The reason these statements are so similar isn’t because these two candidates are similar. In fact they are quite different, but one thing they not only they agree on, but most Americans do as well, is that America is an exceptional country with a important leadership role in the world, particularly when it come to helping the poorest of the poor.

We have a moral obligation to help save lives and help people lift themselves out of extreme poverty. Doing so is not only morally right; it is critical to securing American interests around the world.

Both Governor Romney and President Obama recognize the importance of foreign aid and have pledged to make it a priority in their administrations. The ONE team will be watching and working closely with whoever wins tomorrow and will make sure foreign aid remains a priority for either administration.

Don’t forget to vote tomorrow and remind elected leaders to support ONE and our mission.


Join the fight against Extreme Poverty

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