400 Postcards delivered to Jeff Flake in Arizona


Recently, I was given the opportunity to visit Jeff Flake’s headquarters to deliver 400 postcards signed by people just like me who believe standing against extreme poverty and combating preventable disease should be a priority always and especially during this campaign.


Me and two other dedicated ONE members met with Chandler Morse, a Jeff Flake staffer from Washington, D.C. It was exciting to hear upon explaining the cause to him that he already knew who we are and what we fight for.


Before concluding our meeting I was able to tell him why I chose to get involved with ONE. The reason is simple – an organization that is fighting to save the lives of people who are unable to get the care and education they need to defeat preventable disease is an organization that anyone can believe in and bipartisan support proves that yes, we are ONE.


-Alison Gwenn, Arizona ONE Member