ONE Campus Challenge 3: Host a World AIDS Day event

ONE Campus Challenge 3: Host a World AIDS Day event


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Long gone are the days where college students have a few hours of class and fewer obligations.

Take a stroll on the college campus nearest you and I bet you’ll find one bleary-eyed student after another, rushing to the next meeting or sailing through an exam after an all-nighter.

But you’ll also find the experts at powering through those crises and coming out on top. Who other than college kids can ace a final exam and host on an engaging panel discussion, all before lunch.

That’s why for Challenge 3, the final ONE Campus Challenge of the year, we’re asking the pros to tackle one of the biggest crises the US budget and life-saving development programs have had to face. Why the crisis?

Because while World AIDS day this year marks a pivotal moment in the global fight against AIDS and our ability to finally end the disease, the looming “fiscal cliff” – the absence of a budget deal triggering across the board cuts to government programs – threatens massive cuts to programs that fight HIV/AIDS and are turning the tide against HIV. Cuts that could potentially lead to more than 63,000 AIDS-related deaths.

So what can you do to take action? For Challenge 3, host a World AIDS Day event on your campus. Plan an educational concert, host a panel discussion, turn a campus landmark red, and recruit as many people as you can to call and write congress to protect our investment in lifesaving development programs that fight HIV/AIDS.

This World AIDS Day, remind our policymakers why the “fiscal cliff” and its proverbial nail in the budget coffin would be the literal nail in the coffin for thousands of people relying on lifesaving AIDS medication.

Up to the challenge? Get started here. Lives depend on it.


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