Fuzzy photo, clear conversation with Joe Donnelly


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Well… sometimes technology isn’t our friend. But technology never stops ONE members from speaking with candidates. This photo may be blurry, but there’s nothing fuzzy about a Senate candidate knowing what ONE members are there to talk about. In this blog post, Indiana ONE Member Laura Gilbert talks about her conversation with US Senate Candidate Joe Donnelly.


In mid-October, I had the pleasure of meeting Joe Donnelly, the Democratic candidate for Indiana’s hotly contested Senate race. He was mingling with visitors in the tasting room at Sun King, a locally run and owned micro-brewery in Indianapolis. It was about his fourth event of the day and it was only 1:30 p.m.!

He looked to be having a great time talking to would-be constituents while taking in some seasonal beer samplings. As I started to walk towards him (decked out in my snappy ONE T-shirt, of course) a huge smile broke across his face. With a slight chuckle he said, “I think I know what you want to talk to me about!” We shared a short laugh, and I immediately went into my ONE speech. Several other ONE supporters had recently made a visit to him that week to drop off postcards, and he remarked that he was impressed with our organization and commitment. I thanked him for supporting our city and encouraged him to continue that goodwill to our global neighbors by supporting ONE and all its life-sustaining initiatives.

He assured me that he was familiar with ONE and a true supporter of providing foreign aid. To me, his words came across as sincere and filled with the hope that he will be elected to a position where he is able to make good on these assurances.

-Laurie Gilbert, ONE member from Indiana


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