Amazing Africa: 8 Children, 8 disposable cameras

Amazing Africa: 8 Children, 8 disposable cameras


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KickStart Ghana is a UK-registered charity that aims to ensure that the people of the Volta Region, Ghana, can fulfill their potential and have every opportunity to succeed. We focus on the promotion of education and physical activity to do this. We use a mixture of grants and volunteers to achieve these aims.

At KickStart Ghana we have many, many photos of the work that our volunteers do, finished projects, the beautiful beaches of Ghana and loads of other shots. What we felt like we were missing was an insight on how our beneficiaries, the young people of Ho, saw their home town. Also one of our strategic aims is to increase the levels of understanding in the UK about what life in Ghana is really like and we hope this project helps with this.

We decided to give eight local school children disposable cameras and a week to take photos of whatever they wanted. We gave instructions on how to use the cameras, but very little other guidance.

When the photos were developed we were delighted with the results. Not only were the majority of the photos of a good quality, they also gave a fantastic perspective to Ghanaian life from a young person’s point of view. Please see our Facebook Page for the full album.

We hope you enjoy.


Agbogey Evans is 12 years old and plays for local football team, Dynamo FC. He has an older brother and sister, Agbodey Vincent, 18 and Agbodey Belinda, 23. When he grows up he wants to be a footballer. He plays every day and feels that there is nothing he would rather do. He likes reading books in his spare time but wishes that the hospital facilities in Ghana were better as they are not sufficient.


The photos show a different side of Ghana rarely seen on charities or tourism websites. Pounding yam in the heat isn’t easy!


Gadzanku Cynthia is 13 and goes to a local school in Ho. She has one sister who is 25, Gadzanku Suzzy, a younger sister called Krakani Divina who is 4 and an older brother, Krakina Gilchrist who is 17. When she grows up she wants to be a lawyer and her favourite thing about living in Ghana is all the football that is played. If she were to change something about Ghana it would be that she would ensure that all Ghanaians are treated equally with no favor shown to one particular group.


Football is, without doubt, the national game in Ghana and is played wherever there is space, often in just flip flops or no shoes at all.


Ghana is a country that is on the rise economically and a result of this can be seen in the many infrastructure projects that are taking place all over the country.


Dzokota Mark is 16 years old and attends a local school in Ho. He has an older brother called Azokoto Prince who is 18. He wants to be a footballer when he grows up and plays all the time. He loves playing sports and other games with friends and his favorite thing about Ghana is going to church on Sundays. He thinks the biggest improvement that could be made in Ghana would to be to build more hospitals and homes for families.


Adaklu Mountain dominates the sky line around Ho, but great views are on offer from the top.


Western volunteers and travellers are an increasingly common site in Ho and across the rest of Ghana.


Time is made to spend with friends, play and listen to music; exactly like young people do in the Western world.

Kotoka Vera is 16 years old and has lived in Ho all her life. She has an older brother called Kotoka John who is 21. When she grows up she wants to go to university and become a lawyer so that she can help people. Her favorite thing about living in Ghana is all the different sports that are played. She strongly believes that Ghana would benefit if more orphanage homes were built for the children that need them.


The annual Yam Festival is celebrated by a large and boisterous trip to the top of Mount Adaklu.


This is a fantastic chance for the whole community to come together and celebrate.

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