ONE Act a Week: Quiz – Do you know where the candidates stand on extreme poverty?

ONE Act a Week: Quiz – Do you know where the candidates stand on extreme poverty?


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Action: 64. Time: 10 minutes. Level of Difficulty: Moderate

Last week, presidential candidates President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney shared their plans to address extreme poverty around the world with ONE. Do you know where they stand? Take this quiz to find out. Election Day is only a few days away, and this will be a great way to test your political knowledge on our issues!

President Obama

We’ll share the answers on Monday, November 5. Everyone who gets the answer right will be added to a drawing for a limited edition ONE Vote 2012 poster, designed, signed and hand-printed by ONE designer Carolyn Williams.

Need help finding the answers? All of them can be found on the ONE Vote 2012 website. Type your answers in the form below the quiz, then click the submit button. Be sure to check back next Monday for the answers, and we’ll reach out to you via email if you’ve won. Good luck!

QUIZ: Do you know where the candidates stand on extreme poverty?

1. TRUE or FALSE: President Obama believes eliminating poverty helps our national security.

2. Over the next five years, President Obama plans to immunize _____ children.
A. 90 million
B. 115 million
C. 200 million
D. 250 million

3. TRUE OR FALSE: Governor Romney wants US assistance programs to encourage free enterprise and human rights.

4. Why does Governor Romney think it’s important for America to lead in the fight against extreme poverty?
A. Because our nation never turns a blind eye to human suffering abroad.
B. He thinks Europe should be responsible for all foreign aid.
C. Because if we don’t, other countries will—and they may not share our interests or our values.
D. A and C

5. What is Governor Romney’s proposed Prosperity Pact?
A. A plan to relocate Americans to Africa.
B. A promise to restore the promotion of free trade as a key priority of America’s foreign policy.
C. A plan that will use development dollars to channel the transformative power of increased trade and investment.
D. A call for humanitarian assistance.

6. TRUE OR FALSE: Governor Romney wants to encourage and support faith-based assistance.

7. Governor Romney believes barriers to foreign investment harm
A. The rule of law
B. Property rights
C. Jobs in America
D. All of the above

8. How is President Obama planning to combat global hunger?
A. Supporting locally directed food security programs
B. Giving food to the poorest people
C. Hiring American farmers to build farms in Africa
D. He does not have a plan to fight hunger

9. What does President Obama consider the biggest threat to food security?
A. Natural causes
B. Spikes in food prices
C. Geography
D. Bad seeds

10. TRUE OR FALSE: Because of the financial crisis, President Obama did not provide any foreign aid during his administration.

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