ONE Texas talks PEPFAR with Senate candidate Ted Cruz


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In the final days of an election campaign, things can get pretty crazy. Candidates will criss-cross counties, states, and the country to appear before their constituents leading up to the big day. In Texas, the candidates are no different, and we made sure that ONE members came out to meet them, no matter where in the state they appeared.

ONE with Ted Cruz
Chris Nierman meets with Ted Cruz

On Wednesday morning, one of our CDLs in Fort Worth got a chance to meet republican candidate Ted Cruz at a rally, and then later that afternoon I got a chance to meet him in Houston. Our time was limited, but I got a chance to talk to him about the bold leadership the U.S has shown with programs like PEPFAR, and how important it is to keep that trend of leadership and development going in the poorest countries on Earth. Nearly 4.5 million people are now receiving life-saving treatment for AIDS, and now that we are on track to having nearly 1.5 million women on treatment, we are on the cusp of seeing the first generation born without the disease in Africa. These are vital programs, and it’s an honor to engage with candidates about keeping our momentum going.

A big thanks to the Cruz campaign for giving us a few minutes and the chance for a photo-op!


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