ONE Act a Week: Carve a jack-o’-lantern out of a sweet potato

ONE Act a Week: Carve a jack-o’-lantern out of a sweet potato


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Action: 63. Time: 40 minutes. Level of difficulty: Difficult.

As Halloween draws ever closer, many front porches across the country have begun to play host to a variety of carved pumpkins. As part of our Thrive campaign to end global child malnutrition, this week we are challenging our members to make jack-o’-lanterns out of a different orange vegetable: the sweet potato.

Here’s a few examples. These were carved by James Townsend, ONE’s super-talented communications intern. Our mascot Claude is even in there!


We figured: Since you’re carving pumpkins this week anyway, why not carve a sweet potato while you’re at it? We know it’s kind of a big ask, so here’s the incentive: Every ONE member who submits a photo of their jack-o’-lantern sweet potato gets a ONE apron.

Here’s a ONE apron in case you forgot what it looks like:

And every single one of you will get one if you submit a photo of your jack-o’-lantern to us. We’ll also share your photos on ONE’s Facebook page and Twitter feed so that ONE members across the world can see your awesome work.

And as an EXTRA EXTRA incentive, we’ll give the best jack-o’-lantern sweet potato an autographed copy of Top Chef Master and ONE Supporter Hugh Acheson’s delightful new cookbook, A New Turn in the South: Southern Flavors Reinvented for Your Kitchen. Don’t believe us? Here’s a photo of him signing the book:


Here’s how it works: get yourself a sweet potato (or maybe several—you might need to practice) and carve it the way you would a jack-o’-lantern. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a scary face, it can be anything. Take a picture of your jack-o’-potato and upload it to our Facebook page. Then, submit your name and address (we’re serious about sending EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU an apron) in the form below.

1. Post the photo of your jack-o’-potato on our Facebook wall
2. Submit your name and address in the form below. Put the URL of your Facebook photo in the comment so we know where to find your jack-o’-potato.

We look forward to seeing all the ways you can celebrate the sweet potato this season!


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