Amazing Africa: Capturing the beauty of Zambia and Lesotho

Amazing Africa: Capturing the beauty of Zambia and Lesotho


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Sunset over Maseru, the capital city of Lesotho

Earlier this week, I wrote about some of the incredible people I met and programs I saw while traveling through Lesotho and Zambia with (RED). But what I didn’t fully capture—and probably couldn’t with words—was the stunning, diverse beauty of the two countries. Here are just a few of my pictures from the last two weeks of travel; reviewing them already makes me want to go back!

RED Trip 009
Rural Lesotho hillside, en route to a Global Fund-supported health clinic. Can you spot the horses, which are often used in creative ways to deliver healthcare services?

RED Trip 029
A Lesotho woman who asked me to take her picture and, upon seeing the result, exclaimed “too beautiful!” (I couldn’t agree more)

RED Trip 035
Colorful agricultural fields filled with maize, sorghum and legumes

RED Trip 057
Another beautiful Lesotho landscape near the Malealea Lodge

RED Trip 116
A purple Jacaranda tree framing agricultural research fields in Zambia

RED Trip 126
One part of Victoria Falls, from the Zambian side (in rainy season, the water is way more intense and you can barely see the rock ledges underneath the water). Victoria Falls is the largest waterfall in the world.

RED Trip 139
Zebras in Livingstone, Zambia

RED Trip 163
An early morning rainbow over Victoria Falls

Don’t be deceived by this photo! During this part of the year, the water pressure at Victoria Falls is light enough for people to swim at the top of the waterfall. There’s a natural “infinity pool” at the top, so it looks like I’m almost going overboard!

Which photo did you like the best? Tell us in the comments below.

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