World Food Day action: Tell Hillary Clinton to put agriculture on the agenda

World Food Day action: Tell Hillary Clinton to put agriculture on the agenda


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For the past few weeks, ONE has been on a sweet potato kick. We’ve asked you to submit delicious sweet potato recipes to our Tumblr blog, post sweet potato pics onto Instagram using the hashtag #recipe4change, and we’ve featured our little sweet potato character all over our website and our “nutrition petition” — a petition signed now by almost 140,000 members worldwide. Now, we’re at the zenith of our campaign. Tuesday is World Food Day (Oct 16), it’s a big, symbolic day to show US leaders that we’re serious about fighting chronic malnutrition. And we need everyone to turn out and help put the heat on world leaders to put nutrition on the agenda.

So, how can we help 25 million children reach their full potential? How can we show US leaders just how serious we are? What’s the best way to turn up the heat on leaders to fight against chronic malnutrition and spread the word to get thousands to help take action? These are the big questions that we had to answer as started our sweet potato campaign. Along with our petition, we realized that we need to have show a large movement of people calling out for change.

Then, when we looked back at some of our previous campaigns, we decided that sending a message directly to leaders via Twitter or our website was a great way to mobilize thousands of people around a single message. Last year, we petitioned the White House on vaccines and AIDS funding via Twitter.

And earlier this year, we asked you send your tweet to our Street Tweet bot that painted the roads with your messages for the G8 meetings. For these campaigns, thousands of people across the US and globally sent messages through our website or on Twitter — and those messages were received. So this time around, we’re working with State Department to help push the agenda for commitments to help against malnutrition.


So, on World Food Day, starting at 12 PM ET/9 AM PT, we’re asking you to take 30 seconds and tweet this message:

.@StateDept #SecClinton Create a #recipe4change. Put global nutrition on the agenda. 25mm kids are counting on it:

Not on Twitter? Send your message via email here.

That’s it! You can also visit and send the message via Twitter or through our website and we’ll deliver the message to the State Department.

Again, why Twitter? Well, it’s a simple, quick and effective way for people from all over America to talk directly to the State Department and get their networks involved. The more people see and tweet our message, the more our call to action gets heard and we can push from meaningful change. So a few clicks, and you’ve just added your voice to a great movement of people fighting poverty and helping children stay healthy and thrive.

After you tweet, take yourself out for some sweet potato fries or a slice of sweet potato pie, you deserve it.


Join the fight against Extreme Poverty

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