ONE Act a Week: Write a haiku on poop (seriously!)

ONE Act a Week: Write a haiku on poop (seriously!)


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Action: 62. Time: 15 minutes. Level of difficulty: Moderate.

This week’s ONE action, brought to you by Defeat DD, calls on your inner “poo”-et: write a haiku that addresses the deadly and often ignored problem of diarrheal disease around the world.

Defeat DD’s second annual Poo Haiku Competition are meant to be a creative and attention-grabbing way of advocating for greater sanitation and health standards in developing countries.

While this contest is meant to be fun, the issue is a serious one. Each day, 2,200 children lose their lives to diarrhea. Its burden is greatest in the developing countries of Asia and Africa where access to clean water, sanitation, and urgent medical care may be limited. But the good news is that we have the tools in hand to combat diarrheal disease and the fatal dehydration it can cause. Read more about diarrheal disease here.

So, how do you “poo”-haiku? Three lines. 5 + 7 + 5 syllables. That’s it! Pick an angle that inspires you, be it safe water, vaccines, nutrition…. Be poignant, provocative, or just plain silly (but limit profanity, please). Here’s some inspiration:

Here are some (silly) poo haikus I wrote to get you started:

Clean water always helps
Those who cannot poop inside
Spread the word today

Many live without
But could use a safe place to
Drop the poop all out

At the end of October, three lucky winners will receive a “What’s Your Poo Telling You?” desk calendar to help them celebrate their poo-etic triumph every day for an entire year.

Submit your poo haiku in the form below and we’ll send them to Defeat DD at the end of the week:

Then, take action for global child malnutrition to make sure that children have enough health and strength to withstand bouts of diarrheal disease:


Join the fight against Extreme Poverty

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