ONE Campus Challenge 2: Ask your dining hall to serve sweet potatoes

ONE Campus Challenge 2: Ask your dining hall to serve sweet potatoes


Join the fight against Extreme Poverty

All right, college students. If there’s a few things we do better than most, eating and tweeting are definitely near the top of the list. From the cafeteria fruit we sneak between classes to the sarcastic status updates about our mountain of reading, these are two activities that are rarely far from our minds. Students are experts at finding creative meal options on a tight budget, and are social media pros as we inspire, connect, and share our unique stories that reflect our dynamic college experience.

And perhaps it’s all the practice from academic essay writing, but college students are good at finding new ways to spice up the monotonous –- especially when it comes to food and Facebook. Students see gourmet where others see leftovers, a creative Instagram collage where others see ordinary landscapes, and trending hashtags where they see tired clichés. In the contest for creativity combined with resourceful, college students take the cake.

That’s why this month’s ONE Campus Challenge is served up especially for you. As part of our campaign to end global child malnutrition, we’re asking students to put their talents to the test on behalf of the world’s poorest people. For the next few weeks, we challenge you to use your creative tweeting and resourceful eating to help us make the humble sweet potato a global superstar and put malnutrition on the global agenda. With the help of college students across the country, we can stop hunger and malnutrition for 25 million children by 2016.


Ask your favorite dining hall to serve sweet potato fries for lunch and, host a Day of Action to celebrate the sweet potato, a food that has the potential to save 300 children every day when coupled with other smart interventions. It’s the perfect way to put nutrition on the global agenda, and a sweet way to earn points.

Then use your Twitter expertise to get your friends, classmates, and faculty to tweet our special message to Secretary Clinton. Take some cool Instagram photos to profile our sweet potato mascot as you jazz up your meals with the new orange superhero. Get creative as you eat, tweet, and share in the way that college students do better than anyone.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with. Click here to get started


Join the fight against Extreme Poverty

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