ONE Act a Week: Help us get our sweet potato campaign ready

ONE Act a Week: Help us get our sweet potato campaign ready


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Action: 58. Time: 20 minutes. Level of difficulty: Difficult.

Sabatta Primary School

This Thursday, we’re launching a new nutrition campaign centered around the sweet potato — but before it goes out, we need our most dedicated volunteers’ help in getting the campaign ready. We’re trying two creative actions that we’ve never tried before and would like to test it out before the big launch day. Will you help us?

Photo caption: An exclusive look at our new campaign logo

In addition to our usual action — asking people to sign our petition — 1) we’re asking our ONE members to submit a sweet potato recipe to our digital cookbook and 2) post a photo of a sweet potato dish to Instagram. The goal is to make the humble sweet potato, a vegetable rich in vitamins and nutrients, the mascot of our campaign to end global childhood malnutrition.

Can you do one of those two things and help us get our campaign set up before we launch it on Thursday? Your recipes and photos will be featured on our petition page, and will be seen by thousands of US ONE members as they come to our website and check out the petition.

Again, here’s how you can help:

1) Submit a recipe for a healthy sweet potato dish in our digital cookbook. Go to and click on the submit button on the lefthand side of the page. Write up your recipe (it doesn’t have to be original — you can take it from your favorite cooking blog) and upload a photo if you’d like, then click submit. We’ll review it then post it to the site for other ONE members to check out when the campaign goes out.

2) Post a photo of a sweet potato dish (or anything, really) to Instagram. Make sure you tag it with #recipe4change. We’ll post a feed of your Instagram photos on our petition page for ONE members to like, comment and share.

And addition to doing these two things, we’d LOVE for you to give us your feedback on these two actions. Were they fun? Was it hard to do? Do you think it will help people see sweet potatoes in a different way?


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