Amazing Africa: Proud farmers

Amazing Africa: Proud farmers


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There’s no doubt about it: When farmers have access to better agricultural practices, irrigation methods and resources like seeds and tools, their yields improve. ONE members from around the world sent us their best photos of small farmers in Africa who are successfully growing healthy, abundant crops.

Some of this success is credited to US-supported programs like Feed the Future, the work of humanitarian aid organizations, and farmers’ own ingenuity. After you view these photos, make sure you sign our petition asking world leaders to support plans for long-term investment in farming in the world’s poorest places.

FTF Program in Liberia
I’m not sure what these are, but they look very colorful and pretty. This Liberian farmer from the US-supported Feed the Future program grew these vegetables in a way that minimized environmental impact, yet increased production. Photo credit: Morgana Wingard/ ONE.

Growing Sweet Potatoes in Tanzania
Taking sweet potatoes to sell to the market. Tanzania. Photo credit: Morgana Wingard/ ONE.

Love the color of these mangoes. Who knew that pink and green could coexist on one fruit?

Farmers transplant banana plantlets from the nursery to the field using good agricultural practices. Proper spacing, fertilizer application, teamwork.
A farmer in Zimbabwe transplants little banana trees from the nursery to the field using practices she learned from Fintrac’s Agriculture Income and Employment Development program. Photo credit: Jessica Lustbader/ Fintrac.

I love how happy this farmer is about his broccoli plants. Photo credit: Jessica Lustbader/ Fintrac.

Sukuma Wiki
Moses Okoth of the Sukuma Wiki Youth Group carries a bundle of kale to sell at the local market. Photo credit: Jessica Lustbader/ Fintrac.

This farmer in Northern Ethiopia used a water irrigation system this year, and as a result, look at his lettuce crop! He told the photographer that the next village up the mountain did not use an irrigation and had failed crops. Photo credit: Siobhan Hughes.

A farmer in Tanzania shows off the result of good farming practices. Photo credit: Simone Paine

This photo looks like an album cover. Morobo, South Sudan. Photo credit: Erol Yayboke/ CHF International

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Sign our petition now to make sure that small farmers like these get the support they need from world leaders.

A tea and coffee farm in Embu, near Mount Kenya. Photo credit: Amber Orozco.

Tell us which one is your favorite in the comments below. And if you have any interesting photos you would like to share from Africa, email them to Malaka at [email protected] with the subject line, “Amazing Africa.”


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