ONE Act a Week: The candidates will be ready. Will you?

Action: 55. Time: 15 minutes. Level of difficulty: Difficult.

Foreign Aid_OAAW

Over the next few months, ONE members are going on the campaign trail to ask President Obama and former Governor Mitt Romney to help continue America’s legacy of solving global issues of extreme poverty, hunger, HIV/AIDS and access to childhood vaccinations. Even though poverty-fighting programs like these make up less than 1 percent of the US budget, cuts are still being threatened. Our fiscal climate is are making it tough for elected officials to make the case for increased funding for the world’s poorest people.

But our ONE members know better. Our tiny US foreign aid budget packs a wallop and is helping to make an impact in the fight against global poverty. And that’s why we’re asking you to come up with a good, solid elevator pitch or rope line on why the US government should continue to care about funding that fights global poverty even in tough economic times.

It’s a question that both our presidential candidates AND anti-poverty activists like you will be asked over the next few months. We know that the candidates will have their talking points ready, but will YOU? Hopefully, this exercise will prepare you with a thoughtful response when friends and family talk to you about our issues.

In the comment section below, answer this question: “Why should the US government continue to care about funding that fights global poverty even in tough economic times?” You can do this by:

-Filming a YouTube video of you sharing your response (upload it to YouTube and give us the URL)
-Writing a 2-3 sentence pitch in an essay format
-Making a meme. We like
-Finding some other creative way to answer the question (this one gets major bonus points!)

We’ll gather the best pitches and present them to you on the ONE Blog on Friday. It will be interesting to see how ONE members around the US approach this topic!